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Introducing CI and BI
Introducing CI and BI

Introducing CI

CI, the newly created logo of Bugang E&S is a visual representation of Bugang E&S that expresses our core values of communication as a new and renewable energy corporation both internally and externally.

The meaning of “No. 1” or “best” is expressed through Bugang’s initial, b, as a pillar with three plinths that refer to passion, fervor, and tenacity. CI turns the vision of this company, aiming to grow based on our three core values and our business areas, including electricity and photovoltaics, into an image.

This symbol, which employs the color orange, exuding dynamic energy, and illustrates light’s rays, has been developed to not only differentiate itself from its competitors but also be more legible and easily remembered in international markets.

Introducing BI

Solar power generation system donation brand of Bugang E&S

Solar power generation system brand of Bugang E&S

Through a thermal collector and a gradation inside it, it displays the process in which solar rays are converted into energy. It expresses the pioneering ambition of the company with the three-dimensional shape of a heat-generating board and the contrasting fonts imply renewable energy while "arw" reminds us of "araw" in Tagalog. The use of capital letters has improved the level of trust our consumers have in our products and it emphasizes the image of a robust company.

One-stop electricity safety monitoring system brand of Bugang E&S

To increase recognition of Bugang E&S’s brand, a lowercase, "b," standing for "best," has been turned into a logo, designed based on the characteristics of our products. The connection between "E," "S," and "T" refers to our speedy services and, by italicizing the overall form and expressing it in bold letters, we illustrate the philosophy of Bugang E&S and highlight our spirit of striving to respond to the rapid changes of this dynamic generation.